Best gas grills under 300

The Best gas grills under 300 is an essential cooking equipment for grill lovers. An equipment with multiple advantages which is declined today under several models.

You will find in this buying guide tips and tricks you should know before buying a grill. The gas barbecue is an essential cooking equipment for grill lovers. An equipment with multiple advantages which is declined today under several models. You will find in this buying guide tips and tricks you should know before buying a grill.

What is a gas grill?

The gas grill is a cooking equipment that allows grilling using butane or propane as a source of heat.

You can grab all kinds of food, including meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and more.

The best current models consist of a grid and / or griddle for the cooking surface, a lid, stainless steel burners or cast iron, all installed on a cart with side shelves and sometimes wheels for easy movement.

What is the Best gas grills under 300 ?

Here is our comparative chart of the 3 best standing gas barbecues in the market that we have selected for you.

How to choose a good gas grill?

The number of burners and the power

The number of burners and the power are the first things to check when buying a gas grill.

Manufacturers offer models equipped with 2 to 6 burners with a power between 7 KWh and 18 KWh. It all depends on the frequency of use and the amount of food you want to cook. The more the material presents burners, the more it makes it possible to prepare a consequent amount of food.

Regarding the power, if a barbecue with a power of 7 to 9 KWh is enough for occasional use, a version offering more than 9 KWh is necessary for frequent use.

The cooking surface

The cooking surface is also an important point to consider when choosing a gas barbecue.

Like the number of burners, the dimensions of the grill or plancha is chosen according to the number of guests and the volume of food you want to prepare.

For example, a gas barbecue for 10 people must have a minimum cooking surface of 2800 cm² on which you can enter the right amount of food. By cons, if you are less than 8 people, a model of 1600 cm² can do the trick.

The materials

In addition to the power and the cooking surface, the materials that make up the barbecue are also criteria that should not be neglected.

For the cooking grids, prefer glazed cast iron to enamelled steel which has the particularity to take care of its own heat thus contributing to the good functioning of the barbecue. The tank, meanwhile, is better when cast aluminum.

A material that is characterized by its thickness, its resistance as well as by its distribution of the heat. Finally, for the burners and the lid, opt for a stainless steel gas barbecue that is both durable and easy to clean.

Why buy a gas grill?

Simplicity of use

The comfort of use is undoubtedly the main advantage of the gas barbecue. Better equipped than the charcoal barbecue, this type of grill equipment is much more pleasant to use.

In addition to being lighter, it is mounted on wheels so you can move it with ease. Some models are also equipped with retractable side shelves to cut and prepare food before cooking, a front panel for storing spices or a receptacle for fat recovery.

But that’s not all. Be aware that there are also gas barbecues with grills and a plancha. More versatile materials that offer varied cooking.

Perfect grills

The other advantage of the gas grill is that it saves time. Indeed, compared to a coal model and an electric version, it offers a faster temperature rise.

You will not have to light the wood or wait for the plate to heat up slowly. By choosing this grill equipment, you will enjoy instant piezo ignition or electronic ignition as well as adjustable heat at any time. In addition, manufacturers now offer gas barbecues for 20 people to grill, grasp or cook a large amount of food simultaneously.

Which gas grills to choose?

To help you find the perfect gas grill, check out the best sellers of the moment.

The different types of gas grills

Fixed gas grills

The built-in or fixed gas barbecue is a model that can not be moved or transported.

It is indeed intended to be embedded in outdoor kitchens offering different modes of cooking with its grill.

This type of device is more expensive, since it takes between 300 to more than 4,000 euros.

Mobile gas grills

Unlike the fixed model, the mobile gas barbecue is movable.

It is not attached to the ground or to the mature. It is a simple grilling equipment to move that is indeed mounted on a cart with wheels.

This type of barbecue is very convenient, since you can store it in case of non-use.

Portable gas grills

As its name suggests, the portable gas barbecue is a foldable material that can be carried anywhere.

This one is ideal during a camping or a picnic day.

Multifunction, it not only grills food, but also roasts, fry and even cook.

What is the price of a quality gas grills?

The price is often the criterion we favor when buying equipment such as the gas grills. However, we must be careful, because the most affordable models are not necessarily good quality.

These are materials that are offered over a wide range of prices, ranging from 50 euros to more than 1,000 euros depending on the number of burners and the power, the cooking surface and the different features.

The entry-level costs less than 80$, the mid-range between 80 and 500 euros and high-end gas barbecues more than 500 $


Our advice: Best gas grills under 300 are not chosen by chance. To enjoy an unforgettable barbecue party with family or friends, it is essential to obtain the ideal equipment. Consider the number of burners, the power and the cooking surface to find the barbecue that fits your needs.

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