If you are one of those who loves the flavor of roast meat, pork ribs, or some barbecue sausages, follow these keys to choose the ideal barbecue for those weekends with your loved ones.

Hazel Cruz, a specialist in SINSA for outdoor life and lighting, explains what you should take into account when choosing the perfect barbecue for you.

“The first thing is to define your priorities. The space you have, the type of fuel you are going to use, and the amount of food you usually cook in it, are the key to making the best decision, “he adds.



The space you have available is key to choosing the ideal barbecue. Whether you are going to place it on the terrace, the garden, or the patio, it is necessary to define well where you are going to place it. The best gas grill under $1000 should fit loosely and, once used, have a place to store and protect it from the sun and rain.

Once this is defined, you can decide if a round or square barbecue is more convenient for you; of coal or gas, and what size.


If you are one of those who loves to host family gatherings and are always organizing gatherings in your home, a small grill may not be the best idea. For these cases, instead of thinking of a charcoal barbecue, opt for a gas barbecue and with enough size to cook large amounts of food, but also with enough space to place the utensils and accessories you use.


Another important element is the type of fuel you are going to use, be it gas, coal, electricity, or firewood. The cooking time and smoke emission will depend, among other things, when grilling meat, fish, or vegetables.

If you are one of those who enjoy the ritual of preparing the grill, lighting it, and using a fan to fan the coals, charcoal barbecues are your thing.

“Barbecue lovers prefer them because they offer a unique flavor to food since they generate heat and slowly cook meat and vegetables with the same heat,” explains the expert from SINSA, who adds that according to the model, they are ideal for the garden or terrace.

However, they have certain drawbacks, including the risk of fire, which is higher than the other two, since the ashes from the grill can escape and fall. Another disadvantage is that charcoal and wood chips are dirty and cumbersome when cleaning.

If instead, you prefer something more immediate, a gas one offers you more cooking power and, therefore, faster cooking time.

Gas barbecues, he explains, light up at the push of a button and are ready to use within minutes. The advantage of these is that you can use them at any time of the year, and there are models with wheels that make them easier to transport and others that are large enough to prepare various foods.

Some barbecues run on electricity and are much more comfortable. These are usually light, with simple designs and easy mobility. Some models can even be placed on a table and take up much less space.


Carlos Romano shares his keys to choosing the ideal barbecue and getting the perfect barbecue.

“I prefer charcoal because they give a special flavor to food. The fat released by the meat, for example, falls on the charcoal, and that fuels the fire, so sometimes it even helps smoke the barbecue, “says the chef.

However, in your experience, gas grills have many advantages in terms of speed and control over meat cooking. For example, he says, “the lid with a thermometer helps you a lot to check the temperature without having to lift it and also perfectly control a roast that requires an hour of cooking.”

The gas barbecue is ideal for cooking well-roasted and cooked vegetables or potatoes without “passing” or burning.

In case you decide on one of these, “also take into account that the spaces they have on the sides are very useful to use as a work table, although you should always be careful,” adds Romano.

Besides, some have from three to more burners, so you have more space to put the meat or achieve the perfect temperature for roasting.

“The choice depends mainly on these two factors, and if you give me a choice I always prefer the charcoal one because it gives better flavor, although it is also true that the time and use is simpler with a gas barbecue, so the decision The final will be taken about the needs of each person, “concludes the chef of The Last Stop.


Now that with these keys to choose the ideal barbecue for you, all that remains is to prepare the necessary utensils to be the king or queen of the barbecue among your friends and family. Once you have the grill, also remember that some items will make food handling easier, such as knives and tongs. 

SINSA always recommends having tongs, forks, and pallets on hand to handle food comfortably and without running the risk of burning yourself. For this, they must have a heat-insulating handle. It is also indicated to use padded gloves, which are useful for gripping hot sources and an apron to avoid ending up with clothes stained with grease, coal, or food.

If, in addition to meats, you feel like grilled vegetables, a basket of vegetables will be your best ally to prevent the pieces from falling out of the slots of the grill, and also, it makes it easier to remove them from the fire.

Once the roast is finished, don’t forget to clean the grill. To do this suggests the SINSA expert, you should light the grill again and after five or ten minutes, rub it with a little paper to remove bad smells and grease.   

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