How to choose a good barbecue without smoke?

How to choose a good barbecue without smoke?

The mobility of the barbecue

The advantage of a smokeless barbecue is that it is healthier, more hygienic and does not bother with its smoke. If you’re wondering how to choose a smokeless barbecue with better value, here are some criteria that will allow you to choose well.

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The design material

The material with which each element of your barbecue is designed is very important when you choose. Indeed, this determines the strength of the product. No matter what questions you ask yourself: where to buy a new smokeless barbecue for example, whether the model you choose runs on coal or whether it is gas or electric, the most important is what it is is made.

If you consult a buying guide for the best smokeless barbecues, you will find that the enamelled steel models are more resistant. Make sure that the bowl and lid are made of this material. In this way, you will protect your barbecue from moisture. Also note that enamelled steel is anti-graft, an interesting quality to provide a longer life to your barbecue.

Very simple to maintain, enamelled steel models with cast iron tanks are highly resistant to heat. Even for grilles, by far prefer those made of enamelled steel to those made of chromed steel. Indeed, they have the bad reputation to oxidize very quickly. This will not leave you time to make 3 or 4 barbecues before your device wears out. In short, according to the price comparison, enamelled steel is really the material to choose if you want your barbecue has an interesting longevity while buying at low prices.

The elements that equip the barbecue

The elements that make up your barbecue are very important because they determine the features of it and how you can use it. To make grilled foods easier, for example, barbecues that come with plancha. This equipment allows you to make different preparations with your barbecue.

Some models come with 2 or 3 grids to help you plan ahead. Note however that you can also buy them separately from your model. Similarly for the thermometer, you can buy it separately or with the product in question.

The removable ashtray is also a very important accessory, to absolutely have with your barbecue to facilitate the maintenance of it and evacuate in no time the ashes.

The mobility of the barbecue

If you are a person or if you have a family that moves very often, this criterion of choice is extremely important. Whether your barbecue is gas or coal, make sure it is easily transportable so you do not complicate the move. Even if you do not move often, our advice for you is to be predicting and choose for example the models with wheels.

Did you know that there are barbecue models that weigh up to 100 kg? You will not be able to move this type of barbecue if it rains suddenly, unless it can be pushed by rolling tires.

The unforeseen still exist. Sudden rains, unexpected displacements, freezing in winter …, if you do not accustom the world, it is not worthwhile to buy a heavy model or too imposing.

How to use a smokeless barbecue?

The traditional barbecue has gradually given way to the indoor version also called smokeless barbecue, cleaner and more ecological. If you are one of those who want to get started, but are apprehensive of a thorny use, this article will show you how easy it is to follow these few recommendations and the instructions.

Opt for a compact and portable item

Smokeless barbecues are sold in a variety of sizes, most of them small. They are designed to be easily transported to camping, picnics and other such events. Look for copies that can be machine washed because they are easier to clean.

Prepare for your barbecue

Put charcoal in the chimney dedicated for this purpose. Lightly oil the grill with a brush and place the food on it. Attention on some models, the latter would not heat uniformly. Depending on the desired degree of cooking, organize the place of your food on the barbecue.

Avoid burning your hands

The oven, the pressure cooker, the barbecue are all three kitchen equipment where one burns easily. This is why it is important to buy a product with an outer wall that does not heat up during use.

Gain some ground

With so-called infrared models, it saves a lot of space in its kitchen storage side. You can also shake your grill, since they are small enough to put in the dishwasher. With this type of device usually has a removable grease tray, you cook neatly and you save the trouble to maintain the world.

Try out innovations in smokeless barbecue

With some models of barbecue, we can now do without electricity. It is powered by battery, computer via a USB port or through a powerbank. This makes life a lot easier, no matter where you are.

Maintain your barbecue

It’s like with the waffle iron or crepe maker: wait at least 2 hours, so that the barbecue has had time to cool well before sending it to the wash. Remove the ashes from the chimney and disassemble the grill and the bowl of the set before putting them in the dishwasher.

Take care of your smokeless barbecue

In order not to use your barbecue too quickly, always keep your transport bag on hand to put the parts, at home or out. They are thus less likely to go astray or to deteriorate. As utilities provided with such a device, we have, for example, a plate at the same time office plancha and grill, a bell of course, or an accessory to make good pizza.

Use the lid and spatula for more homogeneous cooking

The lid is not only there to look pretty. It guarantees a homogeneous cooking of your grills, because inside, the heat turns and softens the food more. It is the same for the spatula. It is mainly used to return meats and fish, because with a fork, they may lose their juice and too dry.

The most popular brands

So that food does not get wet with coal smoke, you often have to wait for it to fade into the air. But be aware that manufacturers have made a big change in this regard. They have recently created smoke-free barbecues. And we know that you want to benefit from this advantage, which is why we propose you to choose among the three brands below. These are the ones that have the most appeal in the market.

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