How to use an offset smoker?

How to use an offset smoker?

A smoker cooks meat over low heat with a plant that uses a vegetable fuel, such as charcoal or wood chips, and smoke. The smoker gives the meat an intense taste and makes it tender thanks to prolonged contact (4 to 12 hours) with moderate heat and dense smoke. The structure allows you to maintain a constant temperature not too high and you can cook for hours and hours the less noble pieces of meat, such as ribs, that best fit with cooking with a smoker. But let’s see in more detail how to learn how to use one of these little-known devices here in France.

Meat smoker

The kitchen has always put its touch of aesthetics to delight our gourmet palates and to satisfy the most greedy. And to get food that can explode with flavor once in the mouth, the secret lies mainly in the cooking and the cooking method. Are you looking for a good smoked meat? The meat smoker is what you need. With various new flavors from different woods, this method has become almost inevitable when talking about culinary art. Not only does it help prevent the proliferation of microbes, it also helps to make the structure of the meat more rigid.

Size is a prime factor that should be clearly specified on this kind of material to choose the best meat smoker . Logically, if you like to cook in large quantities for a family or in the case of a restaurant, the large capacity smoking room is the # 1 choice. Not only will you be effective, but you can even put a whole animal indoors without worry. On the other hand, if you only have a small home and do not use it often, small models will do the job. At least, they are more efficient equipment than the artisanal meat smoker if they are mastered.

Beyond the size, the design, as well as the options are to be reviewed to obtain the material which can correspond to your needs. Indeed, some people appreciate the models with window, with temperature indicator or with hanging hooks, short as many opportunities to spice up the use. If we refer to the type, there are the models of ember, gas and electric each with advantages at the same time interesting. Of course, the price goes around 100 euros to more than 500 euros for high-end models and it depends on the included functions. For more information, just go to the Best offset smoker under 1000

Fish smoker

How to use an offset smoker?

Enjoying a good seafood platter has long been one of the greatest taste pleasures you can enjoy. And during this long journey, the fish smoker particularly influenced the flavor and taste of the fish served in our dishes. If you have never smoked meat yet, this is the perfect opportunity to awaken the in-house chef. And of course to get a good cooking, the best fish smoking room is necessary. Indeed, the fish does not cook like any other meat, there is a technique to implement.

Between the many smokers available on the market, it will be necessary to decide to choose one. You will need to see if you want to take a professional fish smoker or an older model. For this, the cooking mode (cold or hot), the design and all other must be considered in order to opt for the ideal model. If you have a large family or if you run a restaurant, take the high capacity fish smoker. Of course, you should also agree on the style, see if you want a model with window to facilitate your cooking or not. In addition, find the one that suits you on a comparison of smokehouse fish.

What kind of fuel do you prefer? Some people are more used to the traditional fish smoker who uses wood, but there are other models. Indeed, you have the choice between the gas smoker and the electric smoker, which have as many advantages if we quote only its regular flame for a stable and controlled cooking. In the case of the wood model, you can vary the sawdust to explore new flavors. Do not forget to agree on the shell material, especially stainless steel and galva, each of which requires more or less maintenance.

Weber smoker

A good outdoor weekend with friends or family during a grill party is without a doubt one of the happiest moments in a lifetime. This is the kind of moment that must be favored during one’s existence. And what better than to afford the best smokehouse weber to enjoy these moments. However, you do not know how to use a smoking room? This is no longer a problem because we will explain in detail how to use it.

First, smoking starts from the principle of cooking food with flavored wood smoke to give the food a scented freshness. Foods suitable for this type of cooking are often meats or fish, because the latter are composed of protein. And for information, the protein content of grilled foods is greater than those cooked with water or oil, because they are more raw and therefore more nutritious. When it comes to using the smoker, you first need to collect well-cut wood that is, in most cases, already supplied with the equipment. You will therefore have a number of chips already flavored that you must place at the base of the enclosure at the bottom. To light the fire, just put a match and it will burn the slices of wood. You can speed up the process by putting special grilling oil that you can ask for when you buy. Smoke will spread along the tube and roast the food. 

In order for you to have complete satisfaction of your smoking room, we strongly advise you to consult a comparison weber smoker on Internet. That way, you’ll have ample time to weigh the pros and cons of each item and make a good deal.


The smoker is a barbecue that allows you to smoke food. To make it clear for everyone, I’m talking about a high-temperature smoker, which can be used as a barbecue too. For my part I have not seen much in France, but I am certain that this type of barbecue will develop. Here are some tips to consider before buying your smoker barbecue.


There are smokers at all prices from around € 50 to several thousand euros. However if this is your first purchase, and you do not know yet if you will use your smoker regularly I advise you to choose a small smoker, vertical water. They are among the cheapest on the market and are sufficient to start. Most people keep most of the time this smoker because it is enough. I have nevertheless listed the best smokers available on the market by classifying them by category, those whose price is less than 300 € and those over 300 $


There are smokers on charcoal and wood, electric, wooden chips and propane. Each having its own advantages and disadvantages. The charcoal and the wood are the most traditional, they give the food an authentic taste. They are also the cheapest in general although it is not a truth because the more expensive are also wood …
The electric smoker is the easiest to use and to master, nevertheless it is the one who is the least authentic of all. It is a computer that electrically controls the smoker and it works until the meat is smoked.
Smokers that work with wood chips are like electric smokers, it is an electric current that burns wood chips and produces heat and smoke, nothing very traditional but effective and easy to use.
The gas smoker heats faster and better than an electric smoker, it is also easier to handle and control. Depending on the price you are willing to invest you can choose a smoker barbecue  that does not require much effort. Your choice will be on the level of involvement you want to have. The barbecue is a very old tradition that takes time, you prepare your fire, you watch it, then slowly cook your food. If this is not your case, it will be better to opt for a model that requires less work than wood.


The smallest smoker can cook enough food for a large family (20 people). And the big models I let you imagine. It’s very important to know how often you use it, and how many people eat at the table. Although today there are smaller models for small families of 4 people.


If you are looking for a grill that makes smoker grill at the same time and you want to have the best equipment possible I would not know that you recommend the barbecue kamado . Today it is the best to be as good in grill as smoking.


You will still need to pay close attention to the brand of your barbecue, of course private labels are cheaper nevertheless the after sales service will not be there and you will not be dealing with real professionals, I can not that you advise to turn to specialist brands in this type of barbecue.

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