Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor Cooking Tricks and Tactics

Outdoor cooking can be real fun. If you are a cooking enthusiast, you can try out various styles of cooking outdoors. Each style of cooking brings out a peculiar flavor in the food we cook. You need to make different set of arrangements for different styles of outdoor cooking. The most popular form of outdoor cooking is grilling as it offers a succulent flavor to the foodstuffs prepared.

Each of these methods has been employed by people since many years. Here is more about each of these traditional methods of outdoor cooking.

  • Direct Heat and Roasting

You can cook food in direct heat simply by making campfires. You have to make a campfire in such a manner that you can easily place a container on this fire. The top surface should be flat so that you can comfortably place the container.

You may use logs of wood or coal to kindle this campfire. You may even roast foodstuffs on this flame. The succulent taste of roasted food is always tempting. You can roast food by placing it on long skewers.

  • Boiling

You can actually boil water to prepare hot beverages when you are camping. Your most common alternatives may be tea and coffee. You can large containers to boil great amounts of water or other beverages when you are camping.

Tea and coffee are two wonderful beverages which you can prepare even while you are camping. You may even prepare simple soups by the boiling process.

There are myriad ways in which you can grill food outdoors. Each of these cooking techniques has its own pros and cons too. Here is more about the different methods of grilling food outdoors.

  • Charcoal Grill

The major benefit of a charcoal grill is that it does not require any additional fixtures. It is very easy to install. These grills are very versatile and you can cook many different types of foodstuffs on these.

You can easily find the fuel for charcoal grills in the market. You will find many varieties of fuels. Charcoal grills are usually cheap and affordable.

Charcoal grills may sometimes be a bit messy. These grills take time to initiate.

  • Natural Gas Grill

Natural gas grills use natural gas which is a green fuel. The fuel is relatively less expensive. You will never run out of fuel if you use these for outdoor cooking.

Food cooked in natural gas grill will usually lack the authentic flavor of food prepared on wood smoke. You may find it difficult to install the natural gas grills.

  • Gas Grill

As these do not use charcoal, they are not messy. Some of these grills may even have optional side burners to prepare sauces. This is a very convenient feature only offered by different types of gas grills.

You can easily find gas grills in infrared and natural gas options. The fuels are usually easily available.

  • Smoker Grill

If you want unique and tasty flavor for your food, you must go for smoker grills. These permit you to roast food at a slow pace. You can actually get an enriched flavor if you cook food in these smoker grills.

Smoker grills are relatively less versatile.

  • Wood Grill or Fire Pit

The fire pits or wood grills are very commonly used for outdoor cooking purposes. These are usually fire pits which have the capability to hold a grill. These are usually larger than our average cooking grills. They offer a great amount of versatility. You can easily cook foodstuffs on skewers on such pits. This will help you roast foodstuffs in amazing flavors.

You may have to invest some valuable time to set up the wood grill or fire pit. These use firewood as fuel. Firewood is a limited resource. You will actually be polluting the environment by using firewood.

The various methods of grilling offer distinct flavors to food. If you love treating your taste buds, you must never miss an opportunity to have food grilled on campfire.

  • Baking

You may even bake cakes and cookies outdoors. You will easily find ovens which are convenient to use outdoors. If you are a responsible individual, you may opt for appliances which are driven by solar energy. You can go green and also enjoy the thrill of cooking food outdoors.

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