Best Weber Genesis E-330

Weber Genesis E-330

So why has the Weber Genesis E-330 Grill quickly become one of the most popular Grills in the Weber line?

When Weber changed the design of their extremely popular Genesis series of grills they were able to create a Genesis with a sear burner, the Weber Genesis E-330 grill. This sear burner was previously only available on the Summit series of barbecues. I was wondering if it could live up to the previous designs, from all the initial reviews it looks like this unit will be at least as popular as previous generations.

Moving the controls to the front has allowed Weber to use some of the innovations that they use on the Summit Series, the best of these is the use of the sear station on the Weber Genesis E-330 grill that previously was only available on the Summit Series, now you don’t need to purchase the larger model to get this great feature.

If you want to be able to sear your steaks to restaurant quality then the Weber Genesis E-330 gas grill is for you, but what I love about this sear burner is that it doesn’t take up extra space like on most barbecues that have a sear burner. Weber has added a separate burner between the left and middle burner to create a searing area that reaches temperatures of 1200 degrees. Best of all when not using the sear burner the entire grill can be used for normal grilling.

Maintenance Tip from The Barbecue Guy: Keep your burners clean, take a wire brush and scour the top of the burner where the ports are, do this every six months as part of your maintenance plan.

Grill Specs

  • 3 Stainless steel burners, very even heat for all your direct and indirect grilling
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates works great with the sear station
  • Porcelain-enameled Flavorizer® bars
  • 38,000 BTU-per-hour input
  • 12,000 BTU-per-hour input side burner, great for keeping your cooking outside
  • 10,000 BTU-per-hour input sear station, sear your steaks to restaurant quality
  • Individual electronic ignition
  • 6 Tool hooks
  • Owner’s guide and recipes
  • Limited warranty
  • Primary cooking area = 507 sq in, big enough for the family or entertaining
  • Warming rack area = 130 sq in
  • Total cooking area = 637 sq in


  • Porcelain-enameled shroud with center-mounted thermometer
  • 2 Stainless steel work stations
  • Front-mount control panel
  • Enclosed tank storage area
  • Precision fuel gauge (LP models only)
  • Painted steel frame
  • Porcelain-enameled heat deflectors
  • 2 Heavy-duty swivel front locking casters
  • 2 Heavy-duty swivel back casters

Grill Dimensions

  • With the lid open:
  • Height: 64.5 inches
  • Width R-L: 60 inches
  • Depth: 30 inches

Maintenance Tip from The Barbecue Guy: Your new Weber Genesis E-330 has very few flareups, to keep it that way remove the flavorizer bars and clean with a wire brush, include this as part of your maintenance program to keep your grill operating like new.

What are the differences between the Weber Genesis E-330 and the Weber Genesis S-330?

  • Grills-The E-330 has a porcelain enameled cast iron grills, the S330 has 7mm stainless steel grills
  • Flavorizer barsThe Weber Genesis E-330 has porcelain-enameled bars, the Weber Genesis s-330 has stainless steel flavorizer bars
  • Shroud and doors-porcelain enameled shroud and doors on the E-310, stainless shroud, and doors on the S-310

Cooking Grills:There has always been controversy about whether the cast grills or stainless grills are better, ask 50 people and you will get a fairly even split. Cast iron retains heat a little better which produces those sear marks on the food that everyone loves to see. Stainless Steel grills will last longer and really they still retain enough heat to produce the sear marks also. Remember at some point you can upgrade to the stainless steel grills if desired.

My Final Word

I have been servicing Weber Grills for 20 years, I have seen every redesign that has been made, I haven’t necessarily agreed with all the changes but what the heck Weber never asked my opinion anyways. But throughout all the changes and most were to keep their barbecue at a very competitive price point, I think they have maintained a certain level of craftsmanship that has kept them above their competition.

I really like the sear burner on the Weber Genesis E330 gas grill, I think if you try it you will use it alot, it doesnt get quite as hot as the infrared burners found on a lot of barbecues but the fact that this sear burner takes up no space when not in use is a huge benefit.

Its too bad that they couldn’t add a rotisserie burner to this unit but that would require another redesign but who knows what the future may hold.

I don’t have many customers who would not buy another Weber Gas Grill and that in itself is a great recommendation, most buy another Weber Grill when the time comes, some will try a higher priced brand only to realize that they aren’t as happy as they were with their Weber.

Now to be honest the new Weber Grills are not going to last as long as the original Genesis but when you consider that the first generation was more expensive than today’s models you can understand why. What I will say is that their construction is extremely good, their warranty is beyond compare and after market parts are easy to find. There is a reason that I service more Webers than any other brand, my customers love their grills and don’t want to get rid of them.

I hope that you find this info helpful and should you decide to purchase your new grill from my site I do make a small commission from Amazon, a guys gotta pay the bills. At the least visit the links above to see the reviews from other Weber owners.

In case you are interested I own a Weber Genesis grill and a Weber Summit Grill and love both of them!!!!

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