Weber q1400 electric grill review

Weber q1400 electric grill review :Eating barbecued meat provides a special and unique flavor. As a result, having such a device at his disposal becomes a necessity. This need should not prevent everyone from taking the time needed to make a choice that meets the different expectations. 

This is even more important, because we find on the market several devices designed to make the same service, but each with touches of particularity. Thanks to the technical characteristics of the Weber q1400 barbecue we found it appropriate to present it. Indeed, it operates with an electric power of 2200W which allows it to cook all that you wish and as you want it. If you need a barbecue, carefully follow this article which will surely help you in your future buying decisions.

For demanding people with the appliances they use for cooking, without a doubt! The Weber q1400 barbecue is recommended. Its beautiful dark gray color gives it a considerable appealing appearance. The power cable it has has a dimension of 1.8 cm and can be arranged as desired. In addition, with a power of 2200W it heats very quickly for a harmonious cooking. Thanks to its cooking surface of 43 x 32 cm, it is possible to cook for about 6 people. Six-level thermostat setting option provides accurate cooking time. The safety of the user is also supported thanks to his cold wrist with thermal insulation to fight against burns. It moves and cleans easily. By cons, we regret the lack of a mini table next to ask small kitchen accessories.

The opinions “for” and “against” the barbecue Weber q1400

  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Wider handle for a better grip
  • High quality manufacturing materials.
  • A power of 1560 watts that produces a high temperature.
  • Expensive
  • No thermometer
  • Takes 15 to 20 minutes to preheat
  • Less cooking space than Q 2400

Weber q1400 electric grill review


Cooking for 6 guests

Weber q1400 electric grill review

The WEBER Q1400 barbecue is compact enough for your balcony and big enough to  cook any grill you want: hotdogs, kebabs or cuts of meat with this electric barbecue. Prepare a barbecue for six guests.   

The small compact electric simple and practical

Plug in the power cable, turn the thermostat to the high or medium position and you’re done! Easily adjust the temperature of the resistor with the adjustment wheel.

Its small size offers portability and easy storage.

A lid and bowl in cast aluminum

The lid of the WEBER Q1400 barbecue and the bowl are made of lightweight cast aluminum, which makes it easy to transport . . This material is also resistant to heat and different weather conditions. 

Removable grease trap

The Q1400 barbecue is equipped with a simplified cleaning system housed under the cooking tank. The easily removable grease tray (or broiler pan or tray) can be emptied and cleaned .

Enamelled cast iron cooking grid

Weber Q barbecues have an enamelled cast iron cooking grill that improves durability, maintenance and even heat distribution in the barbecue. Another specificity: the grid is composed so as to be able to replace one of the two by a Weber plancha Q. 

Contemporary design

Regardless of the product in question, the quality of the service rendered depends largely on the material used for its design and the various accessories. This choice is also important for products intended for extended use. The main material used for the design of the Weber q1400 electric barbecue is pure steel . That’s what reassures the strength of this device. In addition, its lid and its case are made from cast aluminum.

Thanks to these elements, the Weber q1400 electric barbecue is strong and able to withstand different shocks and falls. Knocked against a wall, he leaves without any scratches while keeping the color of his painting unchanged.

The WEBER Q range barbecues have a design that has opened a whole new page of electric barbecues. Its dynamic , slim and innovative design allows great flexibility and portability.

A lid to consume less

Weber designs electrical appliances that are as energy efficient as possible. In addition to making your food grilled, mellow and tasty, the lid allows you to make the best use of heat and therefore reduce energy requirements.

Easier cleaning

The most feared phase when it comes to cooking appliances is cleaning. It’s simply because it’s about the different tools that make it possible to prepare foods that are directly consumed without any other form of cleaning or processing. Therefore, everything must be hygienic. Unlike other products similar to the Weber q1400 electric barbecue, cleaning it is easy. Indeed, it is composed of several accessories that are easily removed and fixed after the cleanliness is done. This includes its grease tray . This accessory that welcomes all the fat released by prepared foods is the dirtiest and therefore requires regular cleaning.

For absolute respect of hygiene conditions, it is advisable to clean it after use and before to get rid of all the dust that has arisen. No matter how many times you have to do it, you do not feel tired, because in less than 20 minutes , the Weber q1400 electric grill is totally clean. Before use, it is important to be reassured that there is no accumulation of fat in the lower tray to prevent it from catching fire and causing some burns.

Non-stick cooking grill and enamelled cast iron is very easy to maintain. To clean it, burn the grease after cooking and scrape with a suitable brush. The pyrolysis and fat and residue recovery system greatly facilitate cleaning.

Once a year, remove the resistance and soak in a soapy solution (hot water, lemon, white vinegar, dishwashing liquid) for about 30 minutes.

Easy use

The Weber q1400 electric barbecue is an easy-to-use appliance. You have to start by reassuring yourself that it is not running before using it. After completely unrolling the 1.8 m power cable offered with it, it must be connected and preheated for a period of 20 minutes . Indeed, all this information about the process of use are written on his record. You do not need to know anything before using the Weber q1400 electric barbecue. Just read this document carefully and start cooking a food of your choice.

The trendy electric barbecue

You will be conquered by this small multifunctional barbecue, fast and easy. This element very design and trend will find its place on your balcony and will seduce your guests every time.

Gray or orange, it’s up to you!

High cost

The Weber q1400 barbecue is sold at a price slightly higher than expected. This is understandable because he does his job well. However, it is important to note that this unreasonable price is a brake for people who really want to have it without having a large enough budget.

Need a plug for the connection

To use the Weber q1400, the use of a plug for the connection is necessary. Indeed, the device is marketed with a power cable with a length of 1.8 cm which seems to be sufficient. Unfortunately, with the height of this product, this cable is small, hence the need for this decision. The concern is that for an electrical device, it is not prudent to leave wires on the ground when they are running, because a small injury can be fatal for potential users and their entourage.

Absence of a table next to

The Weber q1400 barbecue has a beautiful design that could have benefited from the presence of an important element for greater satisfaction. It is mainly a small table or a free space integrated in the device in question. Indeed, for the cooking of certain foods, one often needs small kitchen accessories like seasonings and others. Arrange this machine like the other manufacturers do it by offering a suitable space where you can leave some tools would have been better. Unfortunately, this is not done and you have to leave little seasonings and utensils on the floor or double steps to the kitchen to get them. It is necessary that this problem be solved for future versions.

The Weber brand

For more than 60 years, Weber has embodied the pleasure of barbecue with quality products.

Whether charcoal, gas or electric, our barbecues are simple to use, efficient and allow healthy cooking, with very little fat.

Choosing a weber barbecue also means multiplying the possibilities of cooking on the grill with cooking utensils for grilling, roasting, simmering … from starter to dessert.

See all the products of the brand 

Thank you for reading this article

The Weber q1400 bbq presents the desired performance for this type of appliance. Despite some problems such as its high cost of sale and the lack of a small space for storing kitchen accessories, the basic material used for its design makes it robust for extended service. In addition, it heats very quickly and despite the great heat provided, burns are not present thanks to his cold wrist thermal insulation. It has a cast iron grill that allows it to effectively diffuse the heat. You have the choice between classic grilling and modern cooking. Both modes are good. You can use it for preparing hamburgers and for grilling. Overall, everything is well laid out to cook the food that is introduced.

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